my brother bought a pink polo. 

and popped the collar.

and wore it to church yesterday.  (except my mom convinced him to put the collar down, because it was mother’s day.)

i could have keeled over.

what is this world coming to?


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  1. you know, I noticed his shirt and wondered why you let him out of the house dressed like that. Actually, I don’t think pink on guys is all that bad. Not all guys can pull it off though. The whole popped collar thing (I guess that’s what it’s called)…I don’t get that.

  2. wow……..I guess pink is back in. I was at Quiksilver the other day trying to buy Jonathan a shirt for his birthday, and the guy working there tried to convince me to get him a pink shirt. I was like, “heck no”.

  3. Apparently pink is popular now.  I don’t get it.  It must be some kind of Abercrombie thing.
    Me, personally, I’m the board shorts and t-shirt type.  If I have to get fancied up, then a short-sleeved shirt over a black or white knit undershirt and that’s plenty.
    Blue.  Brown.  No need for other colors.

  4. Man, I remember when pink polo shirts with the collar up was in style way back when I was in junior high. That was in the late 1980’s. Next thing you know pin stripe jeans will be coming around the corner again. Maybe break dancing will resurface too.

  5. brandon (the curly haired guy from amazing race 5) was sighted wearing a pink polo w/ the collar popped at a garage sale for his church in houston this weekend. that was the end of his coolness.

  6. I admit, I didn’t like it either. And occasionally when my family sits behind your family in church, and Ryan with a popped collar (never knew what it was called…), I have this urge to reach over the seat and pull it down for him. :: Don’t tell him I said that. And knowing your thoughts on “girly colors” on guys, I wondered what your thoughts were on it….

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