i went running this morning.  yeah, i know, what was i thinking?!  i hate running. 

i know what i was thinking.  every six months or so i get this urge to run as exercise.  so i do.  and get my fix.  and go right back to swimming or jumping rope the next day. 

but today was a little different.  my legs “hurt so good,” you  know?  so i might hit up some of the machines at the gym next time instead of the pool…  we’ll see…  and music really helps when you’re exercising.  somehow not being able to actually hear myself gasping for breath, helps it not seem quite as tiring.  haha!

had an amazing quiet time today.  read in Hebrews 11.  took me awhile to get past the first verse. i took some time to dwell on specific words and what they mean and the implications they have in the context of that passage.  hope.  assurance.  conviction.  faith.  once again, i have been changed by the Word of God. 


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  1. yuck. I hate running too 🙂 (kudos, though!)
    I usually get all pumped during the pre-run  and 5 seconds into it i realize, I’m not running to anywhere.                      I’m just…running. For the sake of running.
    And then it seems kind of pointless and I realize i’d pretty much rather do anything else.

  2. Hebrews 11 is one of my favorite chapters in the NT…..what an amazing gift faith is! Have a blessed day.

  3. haha…yeah, i just ran 4 miles tonight (very very slowly)…it’s hard to motivate yourself to do that!  good for you~  Thanks for the mention of Hebrews and those few words – simply amazing.  I’ve read them several times and God’s word never ceases to amaze me.  Anyways….wanted to pop in to say hi.  wondered if you were doing anything with Worldview this year?  Well, keep seeking the face of Christ Andrea!

  4. Running, its a love hate relationship, I am convinced. However, running is here to stay in my life. I have been sucked in into running the Army 10miler with a bunch of my friends. I see it as good motivation to make myself work hard 🙂

  5. You know, Andy, you don’t mind if I call you Andy, do you? We should really get to know each other a bit more before walking down the aisle. Seriouly though…. I thought it funny, I was gonna ask for your help in matching those two up about a year ago, but it seems that God in all of his wisdom and timing, has brought the two together without my help… Darn it! I fancy myself an excellent meddler in that area…

  6. Sorry Andy, I’ve stayed away from red-heads pretty much my whole life. They frighten me… Terribly. I think it was a bad experience as a child. Who knows? Maybe we should call the whole thing off. I don’t think you want to walk down the aisle prematurely with someone who is afraid of red-heads, do you?

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