i started packing for Portland tonight.  i know, i know.  seems a little neurotic to be packing on tuesday when i don’t leave until friday.  but there’s stuff going on wednesday and thursday nights, so i was trying to get a little ahead. and since it’s going to be relatively cold up there, i can get away with packing nearly all my clothes ahead of time, since it’s all stuff i had put away now that summer is almost here.  so anyway…

hey y’all – tara has xanga now!  woo-hoo!  everyone go and say hi!  how cool is that, that our singles pastor’s wife has a xanga?!  rock on, tara! 

going to lunch with my grammy on thursday.  she called me up yesterday and wanted to take me to lunch.  she’s so sweet.

and in case any of you are wondering – no, i’m not going to the midnight showing of Star Wars tomorrow night.  as much as i would love to be there, wisdom would dictate that i shouldn’t.  so i’m not.  this time.    but i AM going to see it thursday night at 7pm.  so i’ll still get to see it “opening day” (technically). 

alrighty, i’m off to iron a few things and then hit the sack! 


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