got to go to lunch with my grammy today!  macaroni grill.  mmmmm…. 

going to star wars tonight!  woo-hoo!

going to Portland tomorrow, Lord willing.  i can count on you all
to be praying for the trip, right?  that we actually get on the
place would be the #1 prayer request.    thx!

and i have witnessed history folks.  yes, indeed.  this is
momentous in the technological world.  drumroll please! 
::dun-dun-duuuuun!::  wayne (one of my bosses) sent his first txt
msg on tuesday night!   amazing, i know.  AND (yes there is yet ANOTHER momentous, historical event that happened this week!) chris
FINALLY posted on his xanga!  woo-hoo!  so everyone needs to
go say hi to chris and congratulate him for stepping out and
posting.  i said something like this in the last post, but i shall
say it again – how cool is it that our singles pastor and his wife have
xanga!  rock on.  (and yes, they DO have two of the cutest
kids EVER – you can see picture’s on tara’s site). 


2 thoughts on “

  1. Whoa, you sure do go on a lot of trips!
    Good for you.  Have another safe one and enjoy the northwest.

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