wow, what a whirlwind weekend!  holiday weekends are such fun!

the bridesmaid dress shopping went pretty well.  we think we found the perfect dress.  it’s only imperfection is that it doesn’t come in chocolate.  it comes in a very very dark brown, and a tan, so we might go with either of those shades.  here’s a picture of the dress:

the only alteration is that we’re going to add straps, and the bow/waistband will be pink (the rest of the dress will be brown or tan).    oh, and for the record, i wear a smaller size than becky in this dress.  boo-yah!  lol

oh, backing up a bit.  I saw Madagascar Friday night.  it was pretty lame.  not very funny and the plot was extremely simplistic.  i was disappointed.  so my recommendation is – it’s not worth $9.  don’t bother. 

i went to a couple graduation parties this weekend too – what fun!  i remember when i graduated and how much fun it is!  congrats to all of you who graduated this year!!!

sunday afternoon i went to a baseball game with my parents and bethany.  i must admit, i so do not go to games for the game.  i love the atmosphere and being outside and the sounds and smells and the crowds!  and during the 7th inning stretch we sang God Bless America and Take Me Out To The Ballgame.  I felt very American. 

i did some shopping yesterday and found such wonderful treasures!  some denim capris and white shorts (both of which i’ve been looking for for ages! hooray for finding them!). and THE find of the day was an adorable light green denim jacket with white stitching and white buttons that i had seen at Kohls about 6 months ago and had decided that as cute as it was, it just wasn’t worth $25 to me.  well, it is now on clearance and i found it again – only this time it was $7.74!  woo-hoo!!  thanks, Lord, for the little blessings you give! 

yesterday afternoon i did some cleaning – cleaned up and cleaned out my room, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted the house, emptied trash cans, scrubbed the tub…  and i’ve come to discover that there are few things that i find as gratifying and wonderful as the feeling i have after cleaning house.  i love it.  i think it’s partially due to the fact that you get to immediately enjoy the fruit of your labors – the clean house!  and i’m sure it’s also partially due to my love of all things domestic. 

my brother got home last night!!!  he had been gone in Pasadena and San Diego since last Thursday at noon.  i hadn’t seen him in 5 days!  it was jolly good to have him home again. 

random thought: it’s pretty pathetic when we think that $2.18 for gas is cheap.  Ay, yi, yi. 

my mom and dad and i all went to the gym together this morning!  and then all four of us had breakfast together before ryan and i headed off to work.  and then my daddy took me to lunch!  that’s one thing i really love about summer – since Dad’s off school (he’s a teacher), he’s home a ton more and we get to enjoy things as a family , and with Dad, that we don’t normally get to enjoy.  he said he wants to take my bro and i to lunch or breakfast at least once a week during the summer.  yay! 

my work life consists of steve, rich and Together ’05 (or Kum-by-yah ’05 as San Diego is calling it; or Picnic ’05 as Pasadena is calling it; or Calibration as the xangans are calling it ).  and it’s quickly becoming more and more Together ’05 as we are currently at, what? T minus 4 weeks?  oi vey.  i just have to say, i’m certainly looking forward to seeing how God moves in the next 4 weeks b/c it’s going to take much grace and help from Him if everything is going to get done!  bring it on!  i am eager and prepared to be amazed at the work of His hand!   

well, that’s the Andrea update.  thanks for tuning in!   


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  1. The girl Deb, that got the look, had no clue. Kristi and I were like wow he is so not over you. He had been giving the look on and off all night. Deb had the same expression you had when the look was explained…and asked if I could give her the look so she would know what it was… I was sad to say I could not, for I had bestowed it upon her in the past and it was not received… so sad.

  2. is that a jessica mclintock?
    lol!! i am excited for y’all!! GCC is taking a family retreat and i wasnt planning to go, but one of the gals from church was like “didi… give me one good reason!” and.. i didn’t have one, and when i came home today my parents were filling out the registration form, note THEY arent going, but apparently my sis and i are. oh and i am TOTALLY stoked!! jj, 13 and i am not sure whaaaat his salvational state is (he is my lil bro, but we dont talk much :-/ i’ve tried to talk to him about salvation and he seems to GET it, but not desire it.. i dunno), will be going as well and allowed to participate in all the teen stuff. ireally hope he is blessed.
    i love and miss you. i got a new cell so i dont have ur number anymore, but mine is 703 593 3406 🙂 🙂

  3. Yes, I know Kelley. We sometimes see her in author credits on Tapestry pages and she’s a known quantity at our church, as well as being friends with the Somervilles. So most of the kids in the co-op know her.

  4. Wow, that is quite the update.Yay for bargains, make me proud 😉 The bridesmaid dresses are very cute. Christina is getting married next weekend and her bridesmaid dresses are going to be that very same look: brown with a pink sash. Being in weddings is so much fun too :)Nothing feels better than having everything all cleaned up and out…I did it last week and now everything is all messy again.Thanks for the call the other day. I was at work and missed your call, but it was so nice to hear your chipper Andrea voice when I checked my voicemail. Lord willing I will try and give you a call before the week is over.Keep up the hard work with the conference, I wish I could come!Also, I will be in AZ on the 23rd or 24th of August for about 2 weeks 🙂 Yay! Lets get in some pottery painting time.

  5. Yes, It was quite fun to have the Ryan’s with us even if for a short while. Whilst here, we took them tresspassing to a “haunted” insane asylum in the foothills during the night. They did fine, until I pointed out a bit of fallen hair on the ground next to your brother… He yelped and jumped into the arms of the other Ryan. It was really funny… (ok didn’t really happen) at least the yelping part.

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