i just need to say – installation wizards rock! 

did you know that June is International Accordian Awareness Month?  yeah.  i’m serious.  it was in the paper a few days ago. 

June is also Dairy Month and National No Dairy Month.  haha!  that’s hilarious.  sounds like someone was trying to get the last laugh.

and while we’re at it, it’s also
National Candy Month and National Iced Tea Month.


June 2 – National Bubba Day
June 3 – Hug Your Cat Day
June 8 – Upsy Daisy Day  , National Splurge Day, and National Juggling Day
June 12 – Crowded Nest Day (huh?)
June 19 – World Sauntering Day
June 21 – Baby Boomers Recognition Day
June 24 – Take Your Dog To Work Day
June 28 – National Handshake Day

wow.  who comes up with these things?!  or rather – who actually approved these things!?  oi vey.

but this one takes the cake:
June 19-25 is Carpenter Ant Awareness Week. 

words fail.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Funny!! I like. Now I’ll have to remember to go around shaking everyone’s hand on the 28th….and I wonder if my managers at Rubios would mind if I brough my hermit crab to work on the 24th, since I don’t have a dog?

  2. I’m a staunch advocate of National Splurge Day!
    Carpenter Ants however, I will squoosh (smoosh+squish=squoosh) with glee.
    If there’s a Hug Your Cat Day, shouldn’t there be a Shoot your Cat Day? Just a thought. (I probably offended several people just then.)

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