i’m just good at LOOKING like i know what i’m doing. 


11 thoughts on “

  1. hahahaha that is a useful skill… I think I have some talent in this area to! Well I can also type comments while rocking a baby to sleep with one foot

  2. Someone’s got to do it! Btw, it was so good chatting with you the other night, I missed our talk time, now that life is slowing down a little bit for me, we should talk more 🙂

  3. Hey Andrea! yeah i knew you were coming w/ us! Its gonna be a blast! oh, and I got my license, so i could drive you up there!!! okay, not really, but it was worth a shot. ;0)

  4. That’s simply not true Andrea! When my sister and her friend became our church secretaries, they were asking around to find out who the best secretary was. I may have dropped your name to them a few times… Hope you don’t mind, they (if they haven’t already) may be calling you to ask some questions…
    P.s. Not really afraid of redheads… A poor attempt at humor, I know.

  5. Oh, is *that* the secret?hmmm… no, I’m still convinced you know practically everything… Where would we be at the office if you didn’t? Or if/when you leave us?>shudder< I don’t want to think about it.

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