i was thinking the other day…  the world tells you to cry “there must be something more!  there must be something better!”  whereas, as christians, we can truly say, “can it get any better?!”  our biggest problem, our greatest need, has been completely taken care of. 

twice in one day!
so, last tuesday i did something i have never done before: i saw two movies (at the theatre) in the same day.  seriously.  see, my dad and i had talked about seeing Star Wars: Episode III together, since he hadn’t seen it yet, and i was interested in seeing it again.  so, he surprises me on tuesday afternoon and instead of just going out for our weekly lunch together, he takes me to the movies!  (yes, he got permission from my boss)  it was jolly good fun.  i enjoyed the movie even more the 2nd time around.  and then, raigan and i had planned to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that night, so we got dinner together and went back to the theatre and saw Traveling Pants that night.  i tell ya, it was mighty fun, but walking out of the theatre the 2nd time made me feel a little disoriented.   

so yeah, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was adorable!  i really liked it!  it was better than the books!  well, the books are able to convey a little more, obviously, but the movie was cleaner (the books are definitely rated PG-13, i wouldn’t exactly recommend them) and i liked the changes they made.  

poor ralph
oh, and then i was driving raigan home and a big truck in the lane next to me, tried to change lanes and ended up “bumping” the back end of ralph!  i say “bump” because it really was light, and besides a nice black mark from where his tire hit my car, and a small dent on the wheel well (it’s a nice addition to Ralph’s collection ), he’s fine and there were no problems.  we exchanged insurance information, waited for an officer to show up and just give us the all clear, and went on our merry way.  i felt sorry for the guy.  he was about our age, but obviously didn’t have a clue what to do b/c his mom showed up and took care of everything.  actually, i was annoyed by that little fact before i felt sorry for him.  sheesh, what is happening to the men in our world?  you drive a big ‘ol truck but you have to call your mom to come and bail you out from a little tap?  seriously…  okay, i should be more charitable.  maybe it was his first.  i probably wouldn’t have known what to do if it had been my first “interaction” with another car.  but then again, i’m a girl, so don’t i have more of an excuse?    

worldview academy
i got to drive up and say hi to the worldview gang on sunday!  that was so wonderful!  i got a few minutes to chat one-on-one with Randy (camp director), which was great.  it was amazing too, b/c i had wanted to talk to him with the intention of thanking him for his investment in students across the nation, one of which was me, and to encourage him in all that he was doing with worlview.  but i didn’t even get but 3 sentances in when he took over and started saying all these kind and generous things about me.  i almost started crying!  :sniff:  God really used worldview academy to change my life and i’m so thankful for the years i spent with it.  i miss it so much sometimes. 

new house!  …sort of…
we’re doing some mid-minor (that’s 1/2 way between minor and major, btw) remodeling in our house.  my parents have been painting all the baseboards white (they used to be natural wood color), and today they bought new doors and door handles and towel racks for the bathroom, and a new flat-range stove top!  and we’re putting in some new cabinets and getting a double oven!  woo-hoo!!  it’s kind of like getting a new house but you don’t have to move! 

anyway.  yeah, and together ’05 is taking over my life.  i tell ya what – by the time we get to Magic Mountain the day after the conference, i’m going to be so ready for that day of vacation!    don’t get me wrong, i love my job and i love conference planning, it’s just a lot sometimes!  it would be so much easier if there weren’t deadlines….  lol

oh!  one last thing – nicole found a bridesmaid dress that she likes and we bought them last week!  i wasn’t able to get a picture of them, but you can check out the link here.  and we’re getting them in chocolate.  and we’re going to change the bow to pink.  with pink shoes and pink flowers.  and pink pearl necklaces.  yeah, i know.  but that’s nicole! 


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  1. Hey! cool meeting you at the Leaders conf. Thanks for the way you give your life away for the Gospel!

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