today multitasking took on a whole new meaning!  ::pant pant::  haha!

and i’ve been learning a lot about my need for God’s grace and strength.  something christy said this morning at prayer really spoke to me.  she said, “we were not made to be self sufficient.”  and i thought yep.  God intentionally created us as dependant creatures.  i am not self sufficient.  and when i being to operate in self sufficiency not only am i believing and acting upon a lie, but i am living out a distortion of God’s created order. 

obviously there is much more sin and wrong heart attitudes that go along with self sufficiency (the arrogance and pride in thinking that i don’t need my creator, for example), but this particular aspect was what particularly spoke to me this morning.  praise God for the godly friends He places in our lives to speak truth to us! 

on a different note – i’m currently at the daukas’ bbsitting taylor and trevor.  well, they’re both in bed at the moment. it was so cute – taylor and i were chatting at dinner at she says, “I’m having so much fun with you, Miss Andrea. i love you. will you come over and play with me in the morning?  please, oh please?”    i was like, “aaaww!  i love you too taylor!”  i can’t wait to be a mom….


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  1. I think Miss Andrea that you will make a GREAT mommy!! I mean now that you’re past your dragon days I love and miss you. Call me someday 703 593 3406 it’s short and sweet I am going to a SGM wedding tomorrow night and I am so excited. I leave today bc it’s 6 hrs away. I love it when two people honor God in their relationship and then get to have a kick butt wedding. Yay.  

  2. Good thoughts…
    “living out a distortion of God’s created order…”
    That will help me to remember God’s perspective on self-sufficiency.  
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kelsey (from the pasadena gang)

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