i love my family.  so so much!

my nephew, Drew, is developing so much personality!  it’s great! 

as much as journaling seems to take so much time and often drives me crazy and i generally have given it up, it can still be a wonderful outlet on occassion.  it is an outlet that i enjoyed immensely for an hour and a half on saturday.

i went and purchased  my dress (well, skirt and top) for kelley’s wedding!  (i’ll post pics later)

we’re going to see Fantastic Four tonight to celebrate my dad’s bday.

my current favorite phrase is: “it’s not my preference.”

i’ve been overusing the word “wicked” lately.  as in “we made wicked good time coming home from magic mountain.”  (we made it in 5 1/2 hours, btw)


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  1. haha oh andrea…its not my preference…i have taken to, “i dont care for that”hope all is well, it sounds like you are recovered from together 05

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