i have a new desktop picture!  see, this was my old desktop picture (from the singles retreat in January):

I know, i know, it’s totally outdated.  i mean, for the love, it’s
the middle of July in AZ and i have a desktop picture with a SNOWMAN in
it!  well, that’s why i decided to change it.  actually, i
decided to change it a while ago, but just now am getting around to
doing it.

so here’s my new one – it was taken at Together ’05.  and i love
it because it has all “my girls” together in one picture! 

Clockwise from bottom left corner: Drew MacKay (8yrs), Taylor Daukas
(3yrs), [Nicholas Woodmansee], Kiley MacKay (13yrs), Noah MacKay (6yrs), Brynn MacKay


6 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Andrea!! This is Diana Jacob, your long lost Denver Secretary friend from Community Life church. I saw your site on the Sov Grace blog ring. I thought I’d say hi! – Diana

  2. aww!! adorable girls!!
    i wondered the same thing about the snowman.
    OMW!! I grew up with Diana Jacob. She was my favorite pastor’s eldest daughter, I assume she is still his eldest daughter. *grin*

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