i discovered a freckle on the top of my foot that i never knew i had.  wierd.

often, when my parents ask me to make dinner at the last minute (say, 5 minutes after i’ve walked in the door from work), my initial feeling is, i don’t feel like making dinner.  i’d rather relax and have dinner made for me.  and of course, the Holy Spirit starts talking and kicking my conscience saying, “that is very selfish thinking andrea.  are you putting others’ needs above your own?  are you considering others as better than yourself?  are you seeking to serve Christ and emulate his serving example, or are you living for yourself and seeking to please andrea?”  so i make dinner.  and almost every time, God, in His kindness, brings such JOY to my heart.  not only joy in servine, but joy in the actual act of cooking!  almost every time i think what was i thinking?  i LOVE making dinner!  silly me.  i’m so glad we have the Holy Spirit, who not only convicts my heart and helps to direct my eyes outward and upward, but also does not allow my actions to be always dictated by my feelings.



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  1. I just noticed a freckle on my finger the other day that I hadn’t noticed before. double weird.
    I also had a similar experience tonight when my parents were leaving and asked me to do the dishes. (we don’t have a dishwasher) I hate doing the dishes and had a bad attitude. As my conscience was pricking me, Mom asked Paul to help too, so we ended up having a good time doing it together. 🙂

  2. haha! that was a completely random thought! it sounded completely familiar! Oh my gosh! I’m so glad the tuna salad thing make sense!…i think. Maybe it wasn’t as completely strange as i thought…..

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