new york is drawing ever closer.  i can hardly wait!  my family leaves tomorrow morning, and i fly out to join them saturday morning.  woo-hoo!  i can’t decide which i’m more excited about – going to see new york (i’ve never been!) or just getting to spend 7 straight days with my family.  last year when we did DC for a week together, it was SUCH a blast!  tentative plans are to see all the main attractions – empire state building, times square, statue of liberty and ellis island, yankee stadium, a broadway show (hopefully Lion King, Wicked, or Beauty and the Beast – i was pulling for Phantom, but my family wasn’t too keen…), central park, etc. 

as i’ve been looking at the map and all the “burroughs” and stuff in manhatten, all these lines from Newsies keep running through my head.  haha!  like the part where they’re divying up the city to spread the news:
“i’ll take Harlem.”
“hey Jack, i got Midtown!” 
“I got the battery, Jack.” 
“hey I’ll take the Bronx!” 
“alrighy, Bumlets, Specs, and Skittery you take Queens.”
“Snoddy, Pie-Eater, you take midtown.  Snipeshooter, you go wid ’em!” 
“and what about Brooklyn?  who wants Brooklyn?  c’mon, Spot Conlon’s territory….  what’samatta?  you scared a’ Brooklyn?” 
“hey, we ain’t scared a’ Brooklyn!  Spot Conlon makes us… a little noivous.”  “yeah, well he don’t make me noivous.  so you and me Boots, we’ll go to Brooklyn…” 
“…and Dave can keep us comp’ny!” 
hahahaha!  my favorite movie of all time… 

and we’re going to spend two days in pennsylvania too! 

until then, however, i have much to keep me busy.  i’m packing tonight so i can send my suitcase with my family (i’m going to attempt to get out on a morning flight by flying standby saturday morning instead of taking the evening flight i’m actually ticketed on), and then raigan is going to spend the night with me thursday and friday.  we’re going to have an alias marathon, starting all the way back at the beginning with season 1.  mucho fun. 

work is so fun and keeping busy.  now that Together ’05 is over, i’m finally getting to sink my teeth into my “new” job of serving Steve and Rich.  this is brand new to all of us so i’m developing a job description and procedures all over the place, all the while pretending like i know what i’m doing.  haha!  it’s a little scary and intimidating, but really fun and exciting nonetheless. 

alrighty – my suitcase calls… 


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  1. have an awesome time in NYC andrea!! you guys should go see Beauty & the Beast! it’s amazing!… i mean it’s my favorite story of all time and it was defitely amazing on broadway.and way to rock the newsies! my family always does our little imitations of that on the way to NY. (my mom’s fam all live up there so we’re there every other month or so.)

  2. if you see wicked — definitely let us know how it is. I love the original soundtrack, but have been wondering if the new people are any good.
    Have a great time 😀

  3. hey, maybe we’ll be in the airport at the same time! call me just before you leave and maybe we’ll coordinate! :)take lots of pictures, eat real pizza, do something in a new york minute, and come back with a smidge of an accent.when you return, we’ll watch the camp dvd, exchange pictures, drink lemonade, and share quotables. sound good?

  4. I once knew a kid who had a whole dance routine from that movie memorized. I have no idea which one though, cuz I haven’t seen that movie in forever.
    I hope you are having a great time in NY!
    P.s. this is Jessie M. by the way
    P.s.s. this is my very first time posting a comment 🙂

  5. Are you back yet?!?! I miss you…. (breaks into song)
    ;P Thanks. Korny is probably the least offensive name of the names that I have been called 🙂
    But seriously, you need to get back here k?
    Love ya!

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