random thoughts from NYC

some people have little black books.  i have little mint-green books with pink and white stripes.  from old navy.  in which i jot down random thoughts to later post on xanga.  so here are the notes from my little green-with-pink-and-white-stripes book. 

people in NYC don’t smile ton.  they all seem so serious and solemn.  it’s rather unusual to hear a “thank you” that actually sounds sincere.  it’s strange.  i’ve heard the whole “people on the east coast are more uptight” thing and i don’t necessarily believe it because i have many wonderful east coast friends.  but people out here do seem to be much less friendly.  maybe it’s just the downtown area… 
     and then you have my dad.  you can imagine how he “fits in” to the ‘not-so-friendly’ locale.  lol  speaking of dad, he very sweetly got up and offered his subway seat to an older lady who got on this afternoon.  she gratefully accepted it and i was so proud.  my dad rocks.

so we got tickets for Beauty and the Beast!  woo-hoo!  on broadway!  tonight at 8pm.  we leave in 45 minutes. 

so after picking up our show tickets down at Seaport Village, we got to go onboard an old fashioned boat!  it was so cool!  i was just thrilled.  see, i love movies (see, there they are again!) like Master & Commander and Horatio Hornblower, so walking around on this boat felt like i was going back in time and experiencing a tiny taste of what life was like in those films.  i think that’s why i love history so much – because for just a moment, i feel as if i’ve gone back in time and i get to experience a split second of another era.  ::happy sigh:: 

i’m getting sick of starbucks.  when you’re not a coffee drinker, starbucks is more like a treat, and when you get the same treat frequently, it ceases to be a treat. 

only black guys who look Jamaican can pull off dread locks and look cool.  seriously.

did you know that they have an America Girl Place in new york?  i thought there was only one in Chicago, but mom found out about one here and we went and checked it out today.  i was thrilled!  it was SO cool!!  okay, for those of you who are reading this and thinking i can’t believe she went to a store/museum place about dolls! let me just say one thing – besides the fact that i grew up playing with american girl dolls and reading the stories, and besides the fact that the place is full of adorable clothes and doll stuff and accessories that totally appeal to the girl in me, this place was uber cool if only for the one reason – it was a delightful celebration of girlhood.  girlhood is a beautiful thing, and it’s something that i think is often brushed over by our culture.  girls are often rushed into adulthood or the teenworld and they grow up too quickly.  or we forget that they are girls and we begin to relate to them on our level (asking them about boys, or where they like to shop, etc.).  the american girl company doesn’t do that.  it gives girls stories about girls, dealing with girl things, with girl adventures.  it’s modern day stuff is about being yourself, learning and growing, taking care of your personal hygiene, how to throw a fun sleepover and do plays and crafts, etc.  it treats girls like girls, and that is a beautiful thing. 

after we went on the amazing, old-fashioned ship, we went to this shop that has a real, old-time printing press.  talk about awesome!  of course, what kept going through my mind was, ‘we need something else.  we need a printing press.’  ‘it just so happins, i know a guy wid a printing press.’  (Newsies)  haha!  anyway, the guy who worked there showed us exactly how the old press (dated from 188something) worked – he even let us work the press and ‘print’ a page to keep!  hey, did you know that when they would set the type onto the press mold thingy, they had two cases of letters?  on the top were the big letters – the capitals.  in the lower case were the smaller letters – the regular letters.  and that’s where we got the terms “upper case” for capitals and “lower case” for regular letters.  i never knew that!  that shop was definitely a highlight for the trip. 

alrighty, i’m off to get ready for the show tonight! 



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  1. You have a great way of observing your surroundings and expressing those observations in a way that’s so enjoyable to read. πŸ™‚
    I love american girl πŸ™‚ Although, they’re slipping into that maturing-girls-too-fast stuff with the “girl of today” things. That’s getting more promenent. :-/ (I keep track through my neice)

  2. You can make it sound like we are right there with you! I didn’t get to go anywhere this summer, except to work, so it’s fun to read about your adventures and pretend I’m right there too! Thanks!

  3. Wow that sounds awesome! I know exactly what you mean by the old boats and pretending your in that era. While I was taking that flying lesson (see my xanga), I wanted to be back in the Twenties, wearing a trench coat, bright red lipstick and curled blonde hair, and it had to be a foggy and rainy night. *sigh*.
    Thats so cool about the American Girl Place!!!! When I was little I wanted to go there sooooo badly. I had those terrible dreams where you get to go to the place and never get past the coat room…
    I hope you enjoy the show! 

  4. My mom taught an american girls class where she taught the crafts and cooking to the neighborhood girls -that was a good 10 years ago-but it was so much fun. It’s cool to see my sisters now enjoying the same things that I did when I was there age….

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