oh, and here’s an email  from my wonderful friend kelley that i have to post (i’ve been dared) in response to my tues post on NYC.  kel keeps me humble.  haha! 


ok.  i just read your latest post on NY.  and i don’t know which is more goofy/ pathetic- the fact that you keep a BOOK to write down notes especially for your freaking xanga, or the fact that i almost set up a new xanga simply so i could comment so everyone would know that i think it’s goofy!  plus, i have to categorically disagree that people in NY don’t smile.  customer service in times square is legendary.  every time i’ve been there, it’s been great!  of course i am one of those cold east-coasters… so maybe i’m comparing them to people from D.C. =)  oh and another thing.  AMERICAN GIRL?!?  good LORD!  oh and the way you relate everything to movies is kind of… sad. =)   
to summarize:  good grief woman, are you sure you are a redhead, or are you a BLONDE?!?

you know i love you!  and i double-dog-dare you to post this email on your site.  =P


so there.    i took the dare.  and i’m not ashamed of anything i posted.  lol

love you too, kel!


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