to all my friends starting college today – either for the first time,
or just back at it again for another semester – i thought i would share
a few tidbits of life lessons that i learned from my college

(sorry about the inconsistent fonts – i copied and pasted and…  i’m not sure what happened…)

~ Top 15 Things I Learned My Freshman Year in
College ~

15.  Teachers are
completely oblivious to the fact that you have any other classes besides the
ones they are teaching!

 14.  Professors are not out to get
you!  They really are on your side, so do
your best to work with them, not against them.

 13.  Without fail, all of your major tests,
projects, papers, and presentations will fall on the same week.  That’s just how it goes, so learn to grin,
laugh, and bear it!

12.  Keep reminding
yourself that college is a season; it won’t last forever.

11.  Extra credit never hurts your grade – at
least attempt it whenever you can!

 10.  School isn’t easy. 
Make the necessary sacrifices to do well, but don’t go so far that you
rob yourself of enjoying it – there’s way more to life than school!

 9.  The best cure for feeling overwhelmed is
diligence – just sit down and get it done!

 8.  Sleep is highly  underrated! 
Don’t skimp on this one!

 7.  “Our battle is not against flesh and blood”
(or papers and numbers).  Fight the real
enemy.  Ephesians 6:12-17

 6.  “Test all things.  Hold fast to what is good.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:21) 

 5.  Look for evangelism opportunities.  You don’t know if a door is open or locked
unless you try it. 

 4.  “Always be prepared to give an answer for the
hope that is within you.”  1 Peter 3:15

 3.  Cultivate thankfulness for everything.  John Calvin said, “Thankfulness is a soil in
which pride does not easily grow.”

 2.  Don’t let school determine the state of your
well-being.  If someone asks, “How are
you?” answer them not according to the state of your mid-term in relation to
your grade, but the state of your soul in relation to eternity.  It gives you perspective.

 1.  Whatever you do, DO NOT skip your quiet
time.  There is no assignment that can’t
wait at least 10 or 15 minutes while you spend time with God.  Going to school may be investing in the next
10 to 20 years, but having a daily quiet time is investing in eternity.

Many of these lessons have continued to serve and affect how i live now – i hope they bless you too!


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