and it begins…

today i will be attending the first of the seven wedding run this fall. 

this day my friends Tim Payne and Callie Shaw shall be wed. 

and much wootage filled the land!

on another note…

raigan and i have had quite the adventure thus far.  the flight went by uber fast and the guy at Enterprise let us have our pick of cars in the lot (see what happens when you ask for a free upgrade?  of course, a cute face and a friendly smile don’t hurt either… ).  so we are currently driving a brand spankin’ new, light blue, pontiac grand prix.  and when i say brand spankin’ new, i mean as in, it only had 27 miles on it when we got it.  sweeeet. 

oh and note to the world – if you rent a car and they offer you full coverage on the car for and additional $20 a day – take it!  seriously, even if absolutely nothing happens to the car, just the peace of mind you have while driving it and knowing that any dings, scratches, etc that may occur will not affect your pocketbook or your insurance rates is completely worth the extra cost! 

praise God for a knowledgeable concierge at the hotel, who knew where a closer starbucks was than the one we were trying to find (but couldn’t – stupid mapquest!).  we rushed up to the door of the starbucks, praying they were still open till 11pm, with just minutes to spare – only to find that they were open until 11:30pm.  well, that’s good to know…. 

and we finished the 1st disc of alias, season 2.  four episodes – 3 of which we watched after midnight.    fun times!

and raigan says hi to y’all!

signing off from denver….


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