i’m home from denver!  the wedding was lovely the reception was fun.  overall it was a really good weekend.  if you want details you can ask, but i don’t feel like attempting to articulate them all with xanga.  sorry!

and it’s that time again – when Alias begins to take over my life.    we are about 6 episodes into season 2 and i’m so hooked.  again.  i can’t wait to watch more. 

so, apparently i’ve been ‘tagged’ so here goes – my top 5 favorite songs at present:

in no specific order:

1 – Before There Was Time by Caedmon’s Call
2 – All I Ask of You from the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
3 – Thy Mercy by Caedmon’s Call
4 – The Beauty & the Beast Soundtrack (yes, i’m cheating, get over it)
5 – Jesus My Only Hope by Sovereign Grace Ministries

now how does the rest of this go?  i’m supposed to ‘tag’ 5 other people to list out their 5 favorite songs currently?  okay…  how about Diana, W, Didi, Tara, and Sara  go!

i leave on Friday for Maryland!  as i was flying home from Denver yesterday and thinking ahead to this coming weekend, i wondered if this is how business people feel, you know – the ones who travel for their job.  or for that matter, how my own boss feels!  he does weekend trips all the time for this job.  as fun as they are (i travel for fun, not for business), i don’t think i could live that way…  i like home.  i like my family.  i like my friends.  i like my church.  i like arizona. 

i like it best right here. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, the wedding! I was thinking about Tim and Callie on Saturday!! I can’t wait to see pictures. Glad you had a good time!

  2. I’m coming home the 17th…..we’ll just miss each other! :o/ Well, I’ll blow you a kiss and it will probably still be hanging out in the air by the time you arrive.

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