I thought this was just fantastic…  Got it in an email forward…

Chair Philosophy

An eccentric philosophy professor gave a one question final exam after a
semester dealing with a broad array of topics. The class was already seated and
ready to go when the professor picked up his chair, plopped it on his desk and
wrote on the board: “Using everything we have learned this semester, prove that
this chair does not exist.”

Fingers flew, erasers erased, notebooks were
filled in furious fashion. Some students wrote over 30 pages in one hour
attempting to refute the existence of the chair. One member of the class
however, was up and finished in less than a minute.

Weeks later when the
grades were posted, the rest of the group wondered how he could have gotten an A
when he had barely written anything at all. His answer consisted of two words:
“What chair?”
Hahaha!  Brilliant!  Gotta love that… 


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  1. Who’s getting tense about the impending wedding?? Not me… Nope, completely secure in walking down the aisle… Yet again… 
    (Swish swish) sound of a boat rocking… 🙂

  2. off topic…but on the subject of trips and visitors my october is going to be such a fun connect with sov grace people month. trip to tn, cali people come and then you come… and then its nov. good times! looking forward to seein ya

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