wow.  the weekend was amazing.  it was a beautiful wedding, a wonderful time with family and friends.  nicole looked incredible.  she married the love of her life.  jonathan wrote an amazing song and sang it to her.  they seriously made out when mr baird said “you may kiss the bride.”  i cried a ton at the rehearsal dinner.  i also have a wicked sunburn from the ceremony and reception (both of which were outdoors).  yeah, some people just don’t understand the whole red-hair-irish-girl-it-really-only-takes-10-minutes-for-andrea-to-burn-thing. 

saw the Lord’s hand move mightily in my heart and in my circumstances.  providence and sovereign wisdom on display.

i miss my cousin. 

i miss my friends from pasadena.

i’m still recovering from the late nights and such, so i’m sorry, but no further details are to be posted at this time.  hopefully later.

good night all!


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  1. yeah.. it was most good times!
    today was no fun.. get back to school and 10 hours of being there…
    but i would have traded anything for going to the wedding it was definately worth it..

  2. awww…yea so you totally have to post pictures of it on here! i heard it was amazing! okay, i might just take you up on that. haunted houses are scary *shudders* never again unless i have a huge group of people in there with me ;D

  3. Andrea, thank you so much for letting Joella and I stay in your room, thanks for the wonderful message (I have been meaning to call you back) and thank you for all of the things you did that I do not even know about.  I am so bummed that we did not get to talk very much at all.  I miss you and I hope to see you even more often now!  🙂  Thanks again for everything you did!  Thank your parents and brother again for me as well!  Talk to you later!

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