so i was looking for a cd in our office deskdrawer and came across this disc with a bunch of pictures of me as a kid that we had used in a slide show when i graduated from high school.  i was cracking up at some of them and thought i would share.  everybody loves pictures, right? 

this first one is me at about age 2.  note the carebear tricycle.  and i still have that doll in a box somewhere…

and here’s me after getting up from my nap.  my mom said that i would “ooo!” at her not unlike an owl…  haha!

and as you can see below, i have always been excited about food!  this one just cracks me up.  i wonder why… 

okay i laughed out loud at this one.  it totally looks like a frozen pie company ad.  like, “Smith’s Pies – just like you remember from grandma’s farm” or something.  haha!

and here we have andrea with her first pigtails…

and then ryan came along, and his big sister loved reading him stories, despite her size 12 feet…  LOL

the two siblings continued to have much fun together – swinging in the cold…

…and enjoying windy boat rides!  check out those glasses!  yikes!!

and for those of you who know my cousins and/or who were at the wedding last weekend, here is a picture that is famous between our families.  don’t we all look so different?!  crazy…  and to think that now becky and nicole are both married…

well i hope you all enjoyed the pictoral tour of andrea’s childhood – i know i certainly did!   until next time..


18 thoughts on “

  1. I love it!I especially love the third picture with the Arizonan version of controlling lawn care..the white gravel!and I recognized Timarie from the tent picture…that is so cute!Thanks for posting, those were fun to see!

  2. Funny how your profile pic and the first pic contain almost the exact same expression… Um, and the boat pic…. Nice glasses there Girl-unit, you should bust those out someday.
    -Guy-unit Zach

  3. wow, words fail me…you mean to say you didn’t spring full grown from the head of your father (athena-style)?I’m pretty sure you were in violation of some cuteness statute. Those glasses ROCK!

  4. My glasses were ten times worse. They screamed Nerd like nothing else. You were much much cuter 🙂 1st pic: is that a baby Winchell peeking out from behind you? (Yes yes, I know,Winthrop)

  5. Hey Scout, here’s the very bare bones of the xanga site for the new years party. I really haven’t had time to post everything on it yet, but it’s there, and you can direct people to it to find the email address to register…

  6. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any misunderstanding about that post–I was hoping to come across as joking, more making fun of the way that you guys make fun…I mean, how can you be a merciless insulter and really hospitable at the same time? I suppose it’s possible, but I didn’t mean to imply that any Lambros was at all mean spirited. Far from it, I have never felt so at home with people I barely know. So, please don’t think I was offended by any of you in the slightest.
    Maybe I’ll edit it just so nobody else gets the wrong impression.

  7. Actually I enjoyed the movie… No comment on the Girl:Guy Ratio of the theatre. None is needed. The movie contained Orlando Bloom. (swoons) (then rolls eyes) The movie was ok, It was definitely worldly and had it’s I’m-a-little-uncomfortable-with-that-comment parts to it, not to mention containing almost every stereotypical cliche Hollywood has up it’s sleeve about relationships, (guy/girl, as well as family) But it did have it’s funny moments. Probably best as a rental, but Coura and I had fun just going out…

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