alrighty, so i’ve been tagged… which apparently means i’m supposed to list the 5 songs i’m currently “rocking out to”?  well, i don’t have an ipod (gasp!  i know!  isn’t it scandalous?!  i’m wondering if i can talk my brother into buying me a mini for a xmas/bday gift, though… we’ll see… ), so i tend to listen to whole cds when i listen to music.  so i’m going to list the last 5 cds i’ve listened to most recently – does that count? 

1. Hilary Duff (her first cd) – yeah, yeah, i hear the snickers and see those raised eyebrows.  get over it.  i like silly, fun, pop music sometimes…

2. All We Long to See by Sovereign Grace – currently in the car cd player

3. In The Company of Angels by Caedman’s Call – one of my all time favorite cds!

4. The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot – this is my fav cd to play at work when i’m feeling sluggish, which i was yesterday… which was probably due to the fact that Lory Payne and i stayed up till after 2am talking when we should have been sleeping.  i know, i know, what was i thinking?  especially when i had to work the next day.  it was worth it though.  she’s such a great girl and i had a blast with her.  but i digress…

5. Redemption Songs by Jars of Clay

so this morning daddy and i went to breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast places – The Good Egg.  they have these crepe things that they fill with strawberries and blueberries and cottage cheese – they are amazing!  i got back from that around 8:30am, and decided that i still felt tired – so i went back to bed!  haha!  i slept for another 3 hours!  it was glorious.  wierd, but great!  haha! 

well, raigan is here and we’re going to make tshirts and start season 3 of ALIAS – woo-hoo!!! 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Props for the silly fun pop… I get flak for that one all the time! Stay strong. And I too seem to be the only one around here without an ipod.
    You aren’t living vicariously through Sydney on Alias are you?…. (I think it’s every girls secret dream to be an Agent undercover and have killer fighting skills, or maybe it’s becauseSydney gets to have so many outfits, i don’t know.)

  2. Ha! Still mad at you for highjacking Raigan, but do I get to see these shirts? 
    Yay for desert in the morning!
    Zach-of course she’s living vicariously through Sydney. 🙂 She’s in major spy mode right now.

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