i leave for MD on Wednesday for kelley’s wedding!!  woo-hoo!  massive excitement.  

so i’m in the process of switching bank accounts, and thus i had to
order new checks.  below are the ones i got.  aren’t they
fun?!  i love them.  they seem so
single-girl-lovin-life-ish.    i’m quite pleased…

(and no, that’s not my account number or anything – it’s just the sample picture)

if any of you think of it, could you be praying for me?   i’ve
been getting headaches for the last couple days and i don’t know why.
  i’ve also noticed that my jaw has been hurting a little and
i think the two are connected.  i scheduled my yearly dentist
appointment and the lady at the office was telling me that i could be
grinding my teeth at night, which often causes jaw tenseness and
headaches.  those symptoms seem to fit perfectly, but i don’t know
what would be causing me to clench my jaw or grind my teeth.  the
lady said it’s often a way people release stress.  i don’t think
i’ve been stressed though.  i have been feeling a little
over-busy.  just a lot going on over the last couple weeks
(weddings, traveling, weddings, work, weddings.. ).  i guess
since i connect stress with sinful anxiety, and since i haven’t
sensed any strong anxiety in my heart recently (that doesn’t mean it’s
not there, it just means i haven’t noticed it being there!), thati
hadn’t considered stress the cause.  so perhaps my body is sensing
it physically and my mind and heart are a little slower in detecting
it.  so anyway, if you would be praying for my physically, but
also spiritually as i seek to examine my own heart and thoughts i would
greatly appreciate it.  thanks!

hey, i’m thinking about getting a gmail account.  what you y’all
know about gmail?  is it good?  easy?  what kind of
favorable features does it have?  is it free?  would you
recommend it over another email service?  i currently have juno,
and am seeing some serious drawbacks…  any thoughts, comments,


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  1. i love gmail and i also have 100 invites left…if you want to try out 1,2,3 of them… :)its very easy to use and you have unending storage space, or so it seems.

  2. Sorry to hear about the headaches, oddly enough I seem to be having the same problem, which is odd because I’m not really stressed at all.In fact, my life may be better than it’s ever been! (see my latest Blog entry). As far as the Maryland trip:TAKE ME WITH YOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!*SOB!*I love the valley, but I miss DC something awful. Anywaze, Give Josh all my love and congratulations.

  3. Gmail is great! You should definitely join the gmail bandwaggon. It’s free, user-friendly, has boatloads of storage space, no annoying ads, and forwards to your outlook (unlike most if not all other free e-mail services). It’s pretty cool if you use it online too, for instance, it organizes all your conversations together (your e-mail, your friends reply, your reply, etc – they all stay together), and it archives all your e-mails so if you’re looking for one you just do a google search of your e-mail. I, too, have 100 invites in case Janet runs out. (check out for all sorts of other cool google things, like google “earth” – way fun to play with – and google “talk” which I use to talk to Paul. Yeah, google’s the best thing since sliced bread.
    I will definitely be praying for you!

  4. I LOVE Gmail!! The only problem I’ve had is that it goes down sometimes, but it’s usually only a few minutes and comes right back.

    I think your checks are SO CUTE!! 🙂
    and, as for MD… aww it’ll be nice knowing you’re less than an hour away.

  5. Adorable. Your money will leave you stylishly.
    I’m so sorry about the headaches, babe. I had no idea. I’ll be praying for you for sure.
    Gmail is simply the best email provider I’ve ever had. You need it. I’m sending you an invite, ok?

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