leaving soon… 

not sure the blow dryer and the curling iron are going to fit in the suitcase.  well, they’re just going to have to. 

we had an AWESOME storm monday night.  the thunder and lightening
actually woke me up in the middle of the night, which never
happens.  it was so beautiful.  i could hear the rain coming
down on the roof and the rumbling of the thunder outside my
window.  and then the following day was absolutely GORGEOUS. 
clear sky (for part of the day anywa), crisp fresh air, sunny, slight
breeze, probably in the 80s – amazing. 

“pray, do not talk to me about the weather, mr worthing.  whenever
somebody talks to me about the weather, i always suspect that they mean
something else.”  ~Gwendolyn, The Importance of Being Earnest

well, i don’t mean anything else, but the quote seemed to fit and it’s one of my favorite plays…

speaking of plays, i saw Pride and Prejudice Sunday night and have
since revised my opinion of Mr Darcy.  now, i still hold Mr
Knightly above Mr Darcy hands down, but my opinion of Mr Darcy is a bit
more favorable.  perhaps i shall elaborate more fully in a future


12 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, do elaborate, please!I must say, as I’ve been re-reading Emma for third time, I’m seeing a lot more in Mr. Knightley that I admire and respect than I did before, and I’m liking him better. Mr Darcy still wins hands down, though. Sorry.

  2. I’m so glad someone finally mentioned Captain Wentworth! While the movie version really does very little for everyone’s opinion of him, in the book he is positively wonderful. And while this could border on heresy, I think I like him more than I like Mr. Darcy. So there ~;0)

  3. Warning, the depth of this post concerning Darcy and Knightley especially coming from a guy may shock and scare you.
    I’m not here to say which man is better, as they both are great men. However, Knightley seems to get more of  the good press over Darcy mostly because He is “Gentlemanly” in every sense of the word ,lived out in real life (well not really, it is still just a story)  from the beginning. “There is no one more gentlemanly in the world than Mr. Knightley.” Darcy, while still having quite a following, doesn’t quite have the same publicity as Knightley. People don’t like Darcy when they first meet Him, Knightley is instantaneously likeable. Darcy is blunt to a fault, insulting those around him frequently, Knightley is forward only when the occasion calls for it (Badly Done, Emma!). Darcy is blinded by BOTH Pride and Prejudice, Knightley wisely believes the best in people. Ok, so surface level: Knightley is the man! But consider this: Darcy changes. Knightley stays the same. The fact that I respect Darcy’s character more so than Knightley’s is because Darcy was willing to change part of himself. This speaks more than simply existing as a gentleman. Knightley may have been the polished gentleman, but Darcy had the guts to admit that even though he was considered a Gentleman in his own right, he still had room to grow.

  4. Okay, I promised myself never to get into a public conversation about this, but oh well.
    I’ve always like Mr. Darcy better. Never really analyzed it, though. Maybe it’s the drama, maybe it’s his quick sarcasm, or maybe it’s just because his character does not show or bestow his emotions freely, so it’s even more of a prize for the woman to whom he does. I don’t know. But he did pursue Lizzy when it was not particularly fun. He did it without an audience (no one knew or liked him), he humbled himself to do it, he was patient, but–thankfully–he wasn’t perfect. I also happen to have a higher opinion of Lizzy than Emma, which reflects well on him. As a relationship, Darcy and Elizabeth just seems to have more depth. So, while Mr. Knightly and his darned perfection may get all the publicity, Darcy is every bit as much of a gentleman.
    Wow, I hope I never do that again.

  5. Whatever happened to Colonel Brandon, people?
    He might be a secondary character but most certainly deserves a second look…
    Andrea! I hope you are well. I miss you. It was great fun hanging out with you at the wedding and I cannot wait until the next time the gang meets up again.
    You know you are always welcome here & Katie H. and I definitely want to come visit you in Gilbert some time soon.
    Have fun at the wedding!
    Much Love,

  6. I gotta say that Mr. Knightley is better than Mr. Darcy.  I hadn’t realized how similar they were in temperament until I read Emma.  But now that I have, I believe the material difference between them is that Mr. Knightley thinks of others, while Mr. Darcy (as a rule) doesn’t.  Mr. Knightley is kind and caring towards Miss Bates, Jane Fairfax, Harriet … he’s a gentleman to everyone he meets.  Mr. Darcy makes bad impressions everywhere he goes, and only up on further acquaintance is he acquitted of his sins of poor temper.
    (Man.  I have been reading those books way too much.  Sound like ’em.)

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