i have a confession to make: i like Steven Curtis Chapman’s old school
music.  i grew up with it and i still love it.  granted, he’s
got a few not-so-great songs, but a lot of his stuff is pretty good and
he has only gotten more solid.  a few days ago i threw in one of
his old albums and this morning when my alarm went off, this is what i
woke up to:

well the day has just begun and i’m already running late
with too many irons in the fire and too much on my plate
i’d be pulling out my hair if i could just get one hand free
and i’d stop this world if i could find the key

what i see is telling me this world’s gone crazy
but what is real says God’s still on His throne
what i need is to remember one thing
that the Lord of the gentle breeze is Lord of the rough and tumble
He is the King of the jungle

i love it! 

on a different note….
i’ve been a day off all week!  on monday i thought it was
tuesday.  on tuesday i thought it was wednesday.  then, this
morning during prayer, i was totally thinking it was thursday! 
for the love – i was at the wednesday morning prayer meeting which is every wednesday, and somehow my mind was telling me it was thursday… 

what is up with me?!  don’t answer that…

“look at me martin, have you ever seen me like this?!  don’t
answer that…  i haven’t seen or spoken to nick parker in over 11
years and suddenly i’m flying across the world to meet him!  i
mean, what if he doesn’t recognize me!?  no, don’t answer that
— can anybody name the movie? 


8 thoughts on “

  1. Yes it’s parent trap.Hmmm, one day off huh??? Are you working crazy busy becuase of the SGL Conference next week? Could that be why? Or maybe a vitamin deficiency? (ginko biloba anyone?)  Dang it… I just realized I’m answering the question you said not to.

  2. I love Steven C. Chapman. I feel sort of old listening to him, but he has a lot of great music with a great message! I think there’s something special about the music you grew to as a believer (at least that has been my experience).

  3. The Parent Trap, but of course.  No challenge.  You really need to ________ out the names next time.  Then you’ll seperate the deer from the elk.
    StevenCC was the first artist I heard who wasn’t … like … HeartCry or scripture memory songs.  My friend played “Dancing With The Dinosaurs” for me.  I mocked him roundly, then proceeded to spend the next two years listening to nothing but Steve.  Now, honestly, I’m a little tired of him.  Still, every now and then, I’ll pull up his music and get all nostalgic listening to it.  Oh, the good times.

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