i started reading The Magician’s Nephew this week!  the goal is to read both The Magician’s Nephew & The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe before the movie premiers on December 9th!! 

oh and if any of you didn’t get the email, but are interested, i am, once again, collecting names of anyone who wants to go to the midnight premier, and i’m going to buy advance tickets so we can all be in the same auditorium.  so shoot me an email if you want more details or a ticket! 

it is so fall!  i have begun the massive fall baking session!    i don’t know what it is, but fall and christmas seasons always enhance by desire to be domestic.  i get a baking bug like nothing else.  i think it’s because so much ‘fall stuff’ – scents, foods, colors, etc. are often directly connected to the home – or the home is a natural and great outlet for those things.    so anyway, yesterday i made the first batch of cranberry-pumpking bread (::drool::), along with some gingersnaps. i really love gingersnaps.  i can never eat just one.  mmmm….  then this morning i made apple-cinnamon pumpkin muffins for breakfast.  wow.  i had forgotten how good those were!  i love this season!!! 

okay, on a completely different note – my site needs a serious revamp.  i mean, it’s been like this for longer than i’d care to admit.  but alas and alack, i am a bit deficient in the creativity department…  is there anyone out there who would like to redo my site for me with a fall theme?  something with leaves and fall-ish colors?  


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  1. oh haha. yea, that signature….totally not mine. I wish it were though, but its just a font :::sighs::: oh, and could you send me more info for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe premiere, I’m totally interested in going! Gosh, its only weeks now! it seems like we’ve all been waiting for that movie to come out for YEARS!!!

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