i think we may have seriously underestimated the beast…

so they’ve started tearing out the closets that sit
directly behind my desk… and the dust is falling heavy and
thick.  the air looks a little cloudy and i’m keeping my mouth
closed tightly. 

but i feel like i’m going to go home looking like Timmy Timmons from
the Sandlot, after the vacuum explodes in the treehouse and he emerges
from the rubble just coated with dust from head to toe.  

yep.  that’ll be me.  a bit whiter skin (if that’s even
possible!) and some ‘grey’ looking hairs…  haha!  all part
of the fun of construction and remodeling, i guess….  this too
shall pass, and it will all look so great at the end, i’m sure of


5 thoughts on “

  1. I know 😀  It was sort of tonge-in-cheek, love. I just couldn’t stop it with the negatives! It was like if I could add one, I would just to make it sound more confusing. I’ve known people who do that, and I find it hilarious. 

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