gas prices are dropping!  i saw $2.37 today! 

and i really like chipotle.


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  1. Nothing is wrong with it if you like all rice and a slice of chicken covered in a sauce that has no real flavor… 😉 
    I’ve just never liked that place… However, you are not alone in your love for the all rice burrito. Most people I know have an unhealthy love of that place… Pure craziness.

  2. Nicole had withdrawl’s whenever we passed by the place (My grandmother calls it “che-po-tles” it’s hilarious) : D
    I got that price too!!! Yay, it’s no longer impoverishing to put a gas in my car!

  3. PTL for gas prices falling indeed. This is so bad. So i am getting excited about coming out for one simple fact that I will not have to pay to put gas in my car for all the days while I am gone. And Chipotle is so good I am going there for dinner tonight with a friend to get their salad. Its sooo yummy!

  4. Chipotle rocks!  It’s definitely a favorite out here!  Along with gas at $2.06!!! Thank you Lord!  I wonder what it is in Oklahoma, it was $2.05 two weeks ago, I’ll bet it’s under $2.00 now.  
    And for all you non-Chipotle eaters, you can have Baja Fresh all to yourselves, I’ll keep Chipotle, even though it is owned by McDonalds.    And to the “if you enjoy an all rice burrito” person, you just must not have been to the right Chipotle. 

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