may i have your attention, please?  i have a special announcement!  tomorrow is the 22nd birthday of my good friends luz galusha-luna
and evie lewis!!!  so please call/email/txt them messages wishing
them the bestest!  especially luz, b/c she’s in switzerland – aka
far far away – and it would mean a lot a lot to her to
receive a special message.  you can call her skype phone number
(EDIT: here it is!   602-635-4819) and leave her a message on
that!  thanks!


so, i’ve been tagged.  me and my big mouth…  i am now
supposed to list 5 wierd habits of mine.  hmmm… those who know
me would think that this would be a simple endeavor, given that i can
be very idiosyncratic; but alas and alack, i can’t think of
much…  well, we’ll give it a shot anyway!

1.  i chew on my lips.  in that way that is often
referenced in literature, where i gently knaw on the inside of my
lips.  i do this most when i am thinking. 
2.  when
i’m wearing my glasses, and they begin to slide down the bridge of my
nose, i often move them back up by scrunching my nose and wiggling it
around a little.  this drives my dad crazy!  haha!
i have this horrid habit of playing with my hair and/or itching at my
scalp when i’m watching a movie.  not so good.  i’m trying to
4.  i test the temperature of the shower water with the
back of my heel.  yeah, don’t ask.  i guess when i was little
and learning the whole shower thing, that seemed to be the least
sensitive area to test on, in case the water was too hot, and i’ve just
never stopped.  so now i stick the back of my heel under the
faucet before pulling the shower trigger.  ::shrug::
5.  i like singing the message on my voicemail, not just saying “hithisisandrealeavemeamessageandi’llcallyoubackbye.”  no no no!  how boring and unoriginal is that?! 
i prefer to sing something clever and entertaining.  and no matter
what some people have said, i think it’s fun.  so my apologies
::coughkelleycough::, but the singing message is staying a little bit

so if there was any doubt in any of y’all’s mind that andrea is
indeed an oddity – well, doubt no more!  haha!  “yeah,
weird.”  (said in my best Kronk voice)  of course, if any of
y’all have noticed any wierd habits of mine – do share!  i’d love
to hear ’em!! 

so i now tag… my 5 newest subscribers!  ricky, chanelle, sophia, robbie, and courtney(b)!


in other news…  i had a girl’s fall
card-making/scrapbooking party on saturday!  it was loads of
fun!  we had fall foods (apples and carmel dip, pumpkin bread,
apple cider, gingersnaps, etc.) and spent the whole day
(10:30am-4:30pm) making cards.  it was a blast!  so much
so, that i’ve decided we simply must do it again in the spring!  i love being a girl… 


so i was reading some of this week’s issue of World magazine and came across a page on which one of world’s
senior writers – Andree Seu – listed a bunch of life lessons she’s
learned.  some of them were quite good and i heartily agreed, so i
am going to post some of them for all y’all’s enjoyment. 

– a lot of what i thought was my personality was just sin
– marry a man who loves God more than he loves you
– better to let your child make an imperfect bed than to have a perfect bed that you make yourself
– an inferiority complex is a desire to be better than other people

the more you see how wretched and needy you are, the less the question
“how much should i pray?” is an issue for serious debate
– i
complained, “God hasn’t answered my prayer.”  that’s because i was
not looking for help in my weakness but for the removal of my weakness
to the praise of my own glory.
– thinking a lot is not the same as praying a lot.
– God is the better chess player.  just obey.
– praising and thanking God all day long are the only cure i’ve found for depression.
– pray on the spot for the person who comes to mind.  it’s either pray or sin.


oh, and if any of you are interested in seeing the
midnight showing of Chronicles of Narnia on Thursday the 8th/Friday the
9th and want to get tickets with the group, send me an email by Monday,
the 5th!


g’night friends!! 


7 thoughts on “

  1. Hi love! I forgot to tell you earlier that Kenny wants to take Shi and Savannah to the Chronicles of Narnia! Can they still get in on it? If so, just drop him an email…
    : ) Happy Thanksgiving friend.

  2. Those are some great wierd facts about you!  Sounds like you are doing well!  Are you coming to the New Year’s party?  It would be great to see you!  Talk to you later!

  3. I would like to take this perfect opportunity to say that you spelled “gnaw” wrong. Yes, Andrea, wrong. There is no silent “k” int the word, anywhere. The word, is “gnaw”.

  4. As well, I would like to rob you of all possible comebacks to my statement by saying that I know I spelled “in” wrong. I was typing fast. There is an extra “t”. You could say it was intentional.

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