i love kids…

a few weeks back i was walkiing through the children’s ministry during the break in the service and seeing one of my little friends – isaac – who is about 7 or 8 years old, i said, “what’s up big guy?” to which he promptly responded, “not much big woman!” hahahahahaha! i paused for a second, considering whether or not i should say something about his response, but then decided against it. i knew he wasn’t intentionally being rude or impertinent, he was just responding in kind and attempting to be funny. well, he was successful!

i’m currently at the daukas home, bbsitting taylor and trevor. poor trevor. he had a rough night. he was SOOO tired, he cried nearly the entire 45 minutes he was up. i finally put him out of his misery by feeding him his bottle and putting him to sleep. then taylor and i played with miss andrea’s makeup. of course, we had to have a little chat first about how taylor is beautiful withOUT makeup, and makeup doesn’t make you beautiful. i taught her to say, “it enhances my natural beauty.” so she did my makeup and then i did hers. let’s just say there was quite a different between the two make overs! haha! despite the wet papertowel i rubbed all over my face, i think i still have a few spots of dark purple on my cheek and chin.


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  1. Awww! Taylor is the sweetest – ! If ever Chris and Tara need another bbsitter, I’d be glad to volunteer! (as, I’m sure, would the girl half of the college group…)Re: music – see my response to your comment on my post.

  2. aww…how fun! Gosh, i’m totally going to take you up on that SOMETIME here soon! haha. just pick a day and i’ll be there, coffee and phantom of the opera sounds wonderful!

  3. :: laughs :: you’re such a good babysitter. I just let my little girls play with my makeup…whoops. I guess next time we’ll have to have the “inward beauty” talk. 😉

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