well, there is much to blog about…

i’m getting over a cold. over the weekend i had the whole congested/stuffy/runny nose thing going, as well as a cough. now the nose is back to normal but i still have the remnants of a dry tickly throat. my voice sounds a little raspy (“is that my voice? is that MY voice?”). i discovered that if i just speak in a higher range than i don’t sound so raspy and my throat doesn’t tickle or scratch as much. then again, i also sound a lot like Flight Attendant Barbie, so i don’t think i’ll be doing that much…

so… last week i got pulled over for the first time. i was driving home from the mackays last wednesday night. the officer said i was doing 50 in a 25. while i don’t know exactly how fast i was going, i wasn’t really paying attention to the speed limit, so he was probably right. i remember the sign that said, “pavement ending” and thinking to myself “i should probably slow down.” and i did. a little. and then i came to a stop sign. i turned left. and immediately after the turn the car behind me turned on it’s pretty blue and red and white lights. reminded me of 4th of july, except not. my eyes got a little big and i thought, “did i not come to a full and complete stop at that stop sign? what did i do?” and then i realized, “oh. i think the sign in that construction zone said 25… and i was definitely not doing 25. uh oh.” well, to keep a long story from being long, i’ll just tell you this: he let me of with a warning. i was very thankful, seeing as i fully deserved a speeding ticket. had the officer chosen to give me one, he would have been completely right and just. i was aware of grace that night.

i’m done with my christmas shopping!!! well, okay, pretty much done. i am waiting for an order to arrive next week, and i have to pick up a couple stocking stuffers for my mom, but other than that – i am done! woo-hoo!! now the other half of the fun begins – wrapping and giving! oh this is seriously my favorite part of christmas! i think that while there is a wonder and excitement surrounding christmas as a child, there is a deeper joy and fulfillment surrounding christmas as an adult. things become more meaningful as the meaning of christmas grows greater in my eyes. as the worship song goes: “what joy/what peace/has come to us/what help/what hope/what love!”

i have developed a theory about movies made from literary stories. it is this: they should cast no-name actors in the roles of famous literary characters. for example – elizabeth bennet should not have been played by someone like keira knightley. she’s too well known. watching Pride and Prejudice, i was rather distracted by her b/c i didn’t feel like i was looking at or watching elizabeth bennet. i felt like i was watching kiera knightley playing elizabeth bennet. similarly, while watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, the children they cast to play the Pevensie siblings were to me THE Pevensie kids! and i think they were so believeable b/c i’ve never seen them anywhere else. to me they have no other identity outside of the roles they were playing. another example – Peter Pan (the new non-animated version that came out a couple years ago). jeremy sumpter playing peter pan was perfect b/c he was new. watching him on screen, you believed that he WAS peter pan. more examples include Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma, or Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood. one notable exception to this theory is Elijah Wood in LOTR. i thought he was great and it wasn’t wierd for me to watch him play frodo. anyway, that’s just my theory.

and while we’re on the subject of movies – i have seen both the new Pride & Prejudice as well as Narnia. and i have many thoughts on both of them, but this post is getting long and i don’t really feel like writing all my thoughts out again. besides, i want to see Narnia again. so that will have to wait until next time…


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  1. oh icky. you had the cold too…thats what i have right now (and is also the reason i’m still awake) 😉
    YES!!! you totally quoted The Emperor’s New Groove! uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh! hmm…and i think i agree with your literaty stories theory…i haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice, but i still can’t get over that they cast Kiera Knightly…so i see what you’re saying there.

  2. not only did you deserve a ticket, you deserved a criminal ticket! (more than 20mph over) God is so kind!
    I agree with you on the literary movies. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s true. LOTR worked for me because I hadn’t seen any of them before, so it felt like they were new.

  3. It is true that a lot of actors are defined by their past roles, but the caliber of the actual performance does play a part in it, though, otherwise once an actor gets famous, there’s nothing to do but quit, because his face is too well known.  I was distracted by Kiera Knightly as Lizzie not because I know she’s Kiera Knightly, but because she’s very consious of herself.  And because between every line she speaks, she forms her mouth into this half-open, sexy little smirk that’s incredibly irritating.
    I didn’t see Sense and Sensibility until well after Kate Winslet was already famous for Titanic, yet I wasn’t conscious at all of her other roles, because she did a fantastic job as Marianne.

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