hey check out my christmas present from chris and tara! ^^  woo-hoo!!!  they know me well and i’m so excited to finally own an alias season!  i’m well on my way to building my collection… 

site revamp!  i know, i know.  finally.  the leaves are gone.  although, driving home today i noticed that my neighbor’s maple tree is finally losing all of it’s leaves and distributing them in bright orange and yellow hues all over the cul-de-sac.  it’s a little odd to drive by that and then pull into my driveway where there’s christmas lights and evergreen garland on the front door.  it’s like i fast forwarded through 3 months by driving 30 feet.  weird. 

anyway, i decided to go with something more wintry than christmasy, seeing as my track record for keeping up on site revamps isn’t very impressive.  trying to get a head, you know?  well, that and i thought that the narnia movie was fantastic and i’m cannot wait to see it again! 

well this silly cold simply will not go away!  bowling ball head is back.  it’s kinda funny how my head hurts from being stuffed up and from the sinus pressure behind my cheekbones and eyes, and sometimes all i can think about is how badly i want to lay my head down, yet i feel the best when i’m up moving around! 

christmas is almost here!!


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  1. woohoo for alias season 2!  my roommates & i finished it a few weeks ago & i can’t wait to start season 3 when we get back to school!  mondo cliff hanger at the end of season 2!!  i love your new profile pic–your short hair is way cute!  i got your christmas card the other day!  it was lovely!  oh & i just noticed the background pic is of lucy & the lampost–lovely as well!  🙂  merry christmas!

  2. Like the revamp. Cute pic there, Red. I myself have thought about a new look. How do you get the boxes around your text?

  3. Dear Andrea,
    Glad you saw my double at the dentist’s office.  🙂  I hope you’re doing very well!  If you wouldn’t mind, would you please write a post about why you like Alias?  I’ve only seen one episode, but don’t really understand why ladies like it so.  Not saying it’s objectively bad, just trying to learn why others think it’s so awesome.  Have a merry December 21,

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