so i woke up running a 102 fever again.  drat.  my mom thinks i have a full blown sinus infection.  no bueno (as sussy would say).  ick.  i’ve never been so aware of the presence of my cheekbones and my eye sockets…

my closest companion, as of late:

finished alias season 4!  woo-hoo!  although, ironically, i didn’t sleep very well last night b/c (well, besides being sick and stuffed up, etc.) every time i closed my eyes i had weird alias dreams.  hmmm….

so if y’all could be praying for me i would greatly appreciate it!  i really don’t want to be sick over christmas, and i’m going out of town for the week afterwards and being sick while out of town is not so fun…  thanks!


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  1. A-You need to get yourself some anti-biotics if you really have a sinus infection. I’m prone to them… get yourself some ABs and in 2 days you’ll feel *worlds* better! If you have a sinus infection and you don’t get yourself some ABs… expect 6 weeks of suffering!Hope you get well soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! i love your background! Most definitely Christmassy if i do say so myself 🙂
    Ohhh…and i’m totally with you on the flu thing…its definitely going around 😛 and stays for a good week and a half. woop-di-do. I’ll be praying for you though.
    Love your picture btw, you look georgeous 🙂

  3. The office just isn’t the same without you girl! Today was a buzzzzz with activity, however, a good one to be not be around for. Our offices were moved so all the gals just stood around and watched all the men move stuff (we tried to help here and there : ) )

  4. Did you just die at the end of the finale?!?  I couldn’t believe it.  It startled me so much, I accidently ended up in William’s lap…  That was awkward.

  5. Aw! I’m sorry you don’t feel good. Sinus infections are yucky- I get them at least once a year. Go for the Z-Pack of Antibiotics- it’s 10 little (ok so theyre big) pink pills that make you feel all better!

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