i think i’m finally on the mend.  praise God on high.  last night had to be one of the worst nights i’ve ever experienced.  i slept fine until about 1:15am and then woke up with the chills and shivering.  literally.  my whole body was shaking under the covers.  now, this is not suprising.  in fact, i knew exactly what was going on.  “chills and shivers are your body’s way of reacting to a rapidly rising fever.”  great.  so i thought to myself, i’ll just endure being cold (which i hate with a passion – given the choice, i would much rather be hot than cold), the fever will spike, i’ll sweat it out and then it’ll be fine.  yeah.  well i discovered that the word “rapidly” in the sentance above is used in the loosest sense of the term.  3 hours later i was still cold (though no longer shaking) and still awake.  and every single part of my body ached.  the sinus pressure on the right side of my face hurt like the dickens.  literally all i could think about was how badly i wanted to be warm.  i was this close to getting up and drawing myself a bath at 3:30am just so i could be warm again!  ick.  i finally drifted off to sleep for about 20 minutes and woke up feeling warm but awful.  i decided that trying to tough out the fever (letting my body run it’s natural course to try and get better) just wasn’t going to happen.  i was far too miserable.  so mom brought be some tylenol and some sudafed.  (mom’s are fantastic when you’re sick)  i finally fell back asleep and the next thing i knew the fever had broken and i my whole body was sweating.  what a relief.  i slept soundly until nearly 11:30 this morning.  now i don’t feel necessarily like i have the flu, just a bad head cold.  i think the end is drawing near.  grace was sufficient.

thanks to all of you who have been praying for me! 

~she of the stuffed head and peeling nose


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  1. We actually didn’t have our Christmas party on Wed. it’s tomorrow, so you can still make it (if you’re feeling up to it)!! Your new office is so cute, I think you’re going to like it 🙂 Glad you’re on the mend 🙂

  2. oh I’m sorry andrea! The kids seems to have gotten something. Taylor was miserable all day with a 102.5 fever and Trevor just crawled up into my arms and fell asleep, which as you know never happens unless he’s sick. We are praying for you!

  3. Hey, glad to hear you’re getting better. Could you pray for me now? What you just described happened to me last night/this morning. Because I’m stupid, and they didn’t really give me any choice I am currently at work. Pray for me please, that I won’t make myself worse, or snap on some undeserving co-worker because of how much I resent having to be here right now.

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