praise the Lord for a full night’s sleep!  yay!  what sweet kindness…  i still have the urge to bash my face in, but that’s subsiding.  the sinus pressure still hurts but it’s growing increasingly more tolerable.    and no fever relapse for 24 hours! 

last night at dinner, my family was talking about the Lord’s activity in each of our lives specifically during this time of being sick (my parents and i have all been sick; my brother miraculously has been in excellent health all month long – which is ironic b/c he’s typically the first one to get sick!).  one thing i discovered was how tightly i hold to the things i want.  and how difficult it can be to let go of them.  and how silly are the things that i want.  things like, going to the office christmas party, going into work, giving my friends their christmas presents, etc.  all things that aren’t that big of a deal, yet were rather disappointing to me when i could no longer have them.  i also realized how much i take sleep and comfort for granted.  after 2 days i was rather impatient with the recovery process and quite ready to be all done.  i was tired of hurting!  yet, how blessed i am that i at least have the hope of my health being restored within days.  there are people who wake up every day in pain and their hope of full health and painless living is set on heaven alone.  good health and a strong body is so easily taken for granted in my mind.  praise the Lord for His mercy!


happy christmas everyone!!!


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  1. Hi Andrea,Thanks for stopping by my site. Thanks for the info on the dress situation for the christmas party. We were not sure about that. It is good to hear from you. Have a merry christmas and tell you brother i say Hi. See you soon.

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