“well, i’m  back…”

back from the brink of death.  okay, not really, but i’m back up and running and healthy.  no more sicky, praise God.  i was feeling much much better by christmas eve and it was all up from there.   

back in arizona!  the day after christmas i drove back to pasadena, california with my cousin (nicole) and her husband (jonathan) and spent the week with them and the other rockin’ pasadena people.  it was a really great week.  very relaxing and fun.  went to a smashing ‘laraby’-style (think Sabrina) party.  and God did so much while i was in cali – i was very aware of His hand moving in my own heart, in those around me, in circumstances.  i was amazed at the overwhelming grace i experienced.

back at the office!  after being out for nearly two weeks, i returned to find my desk and computer and all my ‘office’ belongings transported to a new cubicle!  so i spent much of today setting up my desk and all my files, folders, binders, etc.  it was fun!  i have a window now!  after nearly two years in an office without a window, i am so happy to have one again. 

christmas was extended a week today.  anna and sussy and i exchanged christmas presents.  anna gave me the cd listed above (finding neverland)!!  i’m so excited!  i had completely forgotten that i had mentioned how i would like to get that cd, which makes it the best kind of present.  and i just love the cd.  the music is beautiful!!!  thank you anna! and sussy gave me this delightful pin to go on my black pea coat – another thing we had talked about that i had forgotten!  it’s blue and green, which is just perfect for me.  and she also gave me this rad notepad thing with an A on it.  ::sigh:: i have such sweet and thoughtful friends… 

i sorta feel like i’m putting my life back together.  haha!  being out of the office for nearly two weeks, returning to a completely new set up, new desk, new location… my bedroom has piles everywhere from christmas and unpacking from my trip.  i’m slowly making my way through the messes, putting things back where they belong, etc.  it’s a wierd feeling. 

in other news, i downloaded the Alias theme ringtone for my cell phone!  woo-hoo!  uber fun.

well, that’s the nutshell version of my life.  i’ll elaborate on more later.  maybe. 

PS – check out my new header.  one of the guys in pasadena had a shirt with that sentance on it.  i thought it was really cool.  if i can’t find the shirt online, i think i’ll have one made. 


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  1. haha I guess you were the luck one to leave before all the rain… and it looks like you didnt miss out on much missing the parade..
    it was nice seeing you, I guess i will see you at new attitude or soemthing

  2. I am sleepy and still fighting off evil colds, but I’m blogging nervertheless! welcome back. See ya at retreat!

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