i love it when my boss decides that he really wants starbucks. 

because he’s quite the fan of the “i’ll buy if you fly” method.

i am too.   


8 thoughts on “

  1. …Either that guy or the one who coined, “Together 05” Which is where you come in. Your mission is to infiltrate the group calling themselves “SG-6” and get yourself invited to a meeting scheduled in the upcoming days concerning the name of their next conference meeting in ’06. Once at the meeting you will persuade the other members to name the conference something more to our liking. More intel on what that name should be will be provided at a later date. Any elimination of the other members is strictly out of the question. Also any radio transmissions coming from you will set off their security so, you’re on your own for this one. You will be radio silent untill you are clear of the compound. Extraction will take place after you give the all clear message designated as “Blue Dolphin.” Your code name for this operation is “girl-scout.” Marshall will run the Op-Tech in his office, that is all…. Oh and Andrea, Good luck!

  2. My bosses are a fan of the “go out and get Starbucks with my card, bring it to me, then go get yourself a cup of coffee from the breakroom” plan. 

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