i like wal*mart.

i like french fries.

the mcdonald’s inside the super wal*mart up the street from the office was quite useful to me this afternoon.

i don’t like the ranch dressing at mcdonalds.  just stick with the
fries.  although, they aren’t as good as In-N-Out fries (“but
let’s not start on THAT one!” – can you name the movie? ).

i like coke.

mcdonald’s coke is okay.  chipotle still holds the top spot for best coke. 

i bought Alias season 1.  i got season 2 for christmas.  i
think season 3 is my favorite.  i’m slowly building the

in other news, i’ve discovered that having an ipod greatly increases my
tendency to listen to music that i haven’t listened to for years! 
i forgot i had it!  mostly stuff i grew up on, or listened to when i was young, so it’s
sentimental.  most of it shall remain unnamed (sorry, i’m not
humble enough to open myself up to that level of mockery), but i have
rediscovered Rebecca St James’ song “Everything I Do” from her very
first (self titled) album.  that song has since become my current

everything i do let it be in Your name
let it be for Your glory, let it be from You
everything I say let it be in Your name
let it be to Your glory, let it be for Your sake
’cause I want to please You
in everything I do


PS – thanks to everyone who called/emailed/txtmsgd/e-carded/wished me a happy birthday!  that meant a lot! 


3 thoughts on “

  1. i personally love mcdonaldsfrenchfries with mcdonalds honey…. not honey mustard, just honey…. not all mcdonalds have their little packets of honey. there is just something about the combination.recently i too have re-discovered rebecca st james’ ‘everything i do’ song. i like the lyrics.

  2. i’ve found that with my ipod too, and i’m definitely not disclosing any names here if you aren’t 😛
    oh! and that quote was SOO from ‘The Jungle Book!’ that might not be the movie you had in mind, but it was in there too 🙂

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