forever God is faithful
forever God is strong
forever God is with us

grateful i am that God is faithful and unchanging forever… especially
when it feels like everything around me – projects, emotions, thoughts,
activities, phone calls – are changing and fluctuating by the moment!

i don’t really feel like myself today…  but i hope in the knowledge that God is never not himself! 


4 thoughts on “

    Wanna help with Na? (saw you on the save the wheel blogring)
    Review the new Napcast on iTunes so we’ll get noticed and cool stuff will happen!

  2. Was originally going to make witty/teasing comment about movie quote games on xanga…
    Instead: Good job with talking to yourself instead of listening to yourself. I know what it’s like to have everything around you changing rapidly and trying to dictate how you feel. It’s pretty awesome that our God is unchanging! It gives us something so completely rock solid to hold on to.
    Oh and the piano stuff on my site… I’m just changing the bg pic a lot to attract more web attention. Trying to maximize my web traffic and feel really swell (what an underused word!) about myself. Actually no, I’m just going through pics of piano and drums because I’m crazy about piano and drums!

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