sometimes i really love my job… 

get this – my boss (who also happens to be one of our pastors )
gives me the following assignment:  go through the books of the
new testament, starting in Romans and ending with Jude, and for each
chapter, encapsulate what the chapter is about in a sentance or a
couple short phrases. 

yes, that was an actual task that he gave me to do.  a job.  as in, to put on my tasklist.  to do on work time. 

i know, i know, it’s tough teacups…reading through my Bible for
work.  sheesh.  i’m not sure how i’ll manage it…  

although, i must confess, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds!  sometimes there’s a lot covered in one chapter! 


5 thoughts on “

  1. That’s great! It sounds kind of what I get to do for homework. 🙂 Ahh, life is tough…(Isn’t that CD amazing !?! I especially love the track Mrs. Darcy, but who wouldn’t ;}

  2. I am praying God blesses you with succinctness. I have to write a one sentence summary of each paragraph for my survey classes and have an exceedingly hard time with that (in Romans, the semicolon became my new best friend ~;0)

  3. I’m still blinking at the “tough teacups”. Must be a Lambros thing….
    Anyways, it isn’t the low cost of housing on Prince Edward Island that holds it’s draw. (Although that doesn’t hurt matters!)At the moment, the fact that it is thousands of miles away and in another country, is the most attractive quality the island has to offer.

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