if you are planning to go to New Attitude have not yet booked your flight, Southwest Airlines has flights for under $150 roundtrip!!!  here are the details:

Air Itinerary
 Trip   Date   Day   Stops   Routing   Flight   Routing Details
  Depart   May 27 Sat N/S PHX-SDF 1838 Depart Phoenix (PHX) at 8:05 AM

Arrive in Louisville (SDF) at 2:30 PM
  Return   May 30 Tue 1 SDF-STL-PHX 205 Depart Louisville (SDF) at 5:55 PM

Arrive in St. Louis (STL) at 6:00 PM
2927 Change planes in St. Louis (STL) departing at 8:50 PM

Arrive in Phoenix (PHX) at 10:10 PM

Trip Routing Type of Fare Base Fare U.S.
PFC Security
Passenger(s) Total
Adult Depart PHX-SDF Internet Special $54.88 $7.42 $4.50 $2.50 1 $69.30
Return SDF-STL-PHX Internet Special $54.88 $10.72 $7.50 $5.00 1 $78.10
  Total $109.76 $18.14 $12.00 $7.50   $147.40

anything under $200 for that flight is a GREAT deal – so go book now!!!!!


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  1. Hi Andrea– Thank you so much for the tip. You saved me the trouble of being very sad and disappointed because I really love the musical. I just can’t figure out what happens between songs– like how in the world Elphaba ends up with the guy who sings Dancing Through Life (he seems like such a jerk at first…) So, I have to ask, are there already tickets for Wicked? How did you find out it was coming? And, most importantly, are you already planning to go? Hope to see you soon!

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