thoughts on valentine’s day…

so yesterday was valentine’s.  yep.  and i had a hot date with a young man!  okay, so he was all of 11 months old.  but despite the fact that i had to change his diaper and he went to sleep at 8pm, he was a charming and delightful valentine.    he even had a shirt that said, “my auntie is my valentine”!  aaawww!  that was the best part… 

i also had a girls night/party.  and it was a blast!  we had dinner, laughed, talked about God’s faithfulness, ate some more, watched a movie…  and yet i had a couple people, when i told them that i had had a really fun time, respond with, “that’s great, except for the fact that you spent valentine’s day with a bunch of girls!” 

what’s up with that?  i don’t mean this in a feminist-type way, but i honestly did have a great night last night and i didn’t feel as if i missed out on anything.  you know why?  because i didn’t.  now, don’t get me wrong.  i do believe i am called to be married one day and that i have been created to be joined with and become half of someone else – and i’m excited about that!  and there are definitely moments where i can tell that there is something lacking in the sense that i recognize that God created men and women to complement each other and to be together.  but for right now – for today – i lack no good thing!  this is God’s best for me right now and nothing good is being withheld (ps 84:11).  what joy is to be found in that knowledge!  and it is that joy that filled my day yesterday and allowed me to truly enjoy the festivities of yesterday’s holiday!

i also learned a few things:
– i am a horrible judge of pasta amounts.  it’s a good thing angel hair pasta is ridiculously cheap because otherwise the amount of leftover spaghetti would have been defined as utterly irresponsible!  lol

– i really do love watching different film versions of Pride & Prejudice.  and the ‘bollywood’ style version – Bride & Prejudice (see above) – is totally one of my favorites!  although not completely accurate to the book, i really like the portrayal/interpretation of the characters. 

– nora jones’s “come away with me” album is great music to clean up to after a party.

– it’s really fun to bless married people by watching their children on valentine’s day so they can go out.  it means so much more to them that i think we realize.  so to those out there who served last night in that capacity – you have my respect and thanks!! 

– i really love garlic bread.  and raspberries.  not together, though.   

those are all my profound thoughts for today… 


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  1. Andrea, going out with younger guys like that is so not cool! They simply aren’t mature enough… Poor kid is probably all confused now. I think you are taking Josh’s sermon too far.

  2. yes. I agree. For this year, there isn’t anywhere I’d have rather been than hanging out with a bunch of girls I love dearly. I’m with you on the garlic bread and raspberries too. BTW, you are such a marvelous hostess! Thanks so much for having us over! I was blessed.

  3. In response to this part in particular:”but for right now – for today – i lack no good thing! this is God’s best for me right now and nothing good is being withheld (ps 84:11).”…all I have to say is, “Amen, sista!” You are right on, Andrea. We are where we are at this moment in time for a reason, so why not take joy in that fact?!Thanks for Tuesday, dear! Food, fellowship, laughter, a kooky movie, chocolate raspberry delectables… It was delightful!

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