so i watched Sense & Sensibility last night.  it’s been quite some time and i’d forgotten how great it is.  and while i’m not sure i think Emma Thompson was the best cast for Elinor Dashwood, that woman sure can act!  i think S&S might be one of my favorite Austen films.  then again, how can you beat Emma?  so maybe S&S is my 2nd favorite…  it’s definitely up there.  and i thought this particular film adaption was excellent in capturing the spirit of Austen and accurately portraying the era, and infusing an appropriate depth of emotion and character into the plot (a feat not easily achieved when translating literature to film).  “is love a fancy or a feeling?  or a Ferrars?”  haha!  “esteem him?!  like him?!  use those insipid words again and i shall leave the room this instant!”  while not nearly as witty and quotable as Emma, S&S definitely has a great script! 

in other news, my two favorite pairs of jeans have been reborn!!  the inside corners of the back pockets were ripping away in a most tragic fashion,  making them practically unwearable.  and while i suppose it was my own fault for frequently shoving my hands into said pockets, i was crushed nonetheless since the jeans were my favorite and i have been unable to find their equal in two years.  crushing, i tell you!  but just as i was on the verge of giving them up for good, enter mom-the-seamstress-hero to the rescue!  she very cleverly sewed over the emerging holes, sealing them with thread nearly imperceptible to the average eye.  hooray!!!  ::dances around::  okay, so most of my male readers will probably be unable to relate to this celebration – being generally unfamiliar with the trials and triumphs, the agonies and esctasies of jean shopping (the bane of every women’s existence!) – so i appeal to all females everywhere to rejoice with me.  go eat a piece of chocolate or something.  and if you don’t have any nearby, come visit me – there’s some at my desk… 

i tell ya, caffiene can really do a number on me sometimes.  if i’m not careful, every now and then it will suppress my hunger without suppressing my appetite, which means my blood sugar drops and i don’t realize it until i’m jittery and feeling slightly faint and begin to feel ridiculously emotional and irrational.  but once there’s some solid foods in me it all disappears.  whew….  so yeah, that happiness in a cup (venti-7-pump-nonfat-no-water-tazo-chai)?  drink slowly and with food.    “all in moderation, my dear.  all in moderation.  too much [drink] can be a dangerous thing for a pure young girl like yourself.” (said with a cockney accent)

my heart’s cry as of late:
Lord, i have no love, no grace, no compassion to extend toward the unloveable.  may i have some of yours?


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  1. Eventually my love, the jeans will become threadbare. You’re only delaying the inevitable…haven’t we had the jean discussion before? Maybe we should shop on Saturday… :p

  2. such great quotes. fallon keeps trying to slip those into my letters to josh. …especially the, “esteem him?! like him?!” quote. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. S&S but Emma is better. It makes me weep for joy over the love that two can have. Sometimes I when I walk in the countryside I think of this quote from Emma,”Emma,” said she, “this paper is worse than I expected. Look! in places you see it is dreadfully dirty; and the wainscot is more yellow and forlorn than any thing I could have imagined.””My dear, you are too particular,” said her husband. “What does all that signify? You will see nothing of it by candlelight. It will be as clean as Randalls by candlelight. We [i.e. the gentlemen of the neighbourhood] never see any thing of it on our club-nights.”The ladies here probably exchanged looks which meant, “Men never know when things are dirty or not;” and the gentlemen perhaps thought each to himself, “Women will have their little nonsenses and needless cares.”

  4. Hey Andrea!
    Ruth here, and I can TOTALLY relate to both the agony of jean shopping and the ecstasy of fixing favorite ones. My problem is always that my legs are too short for the right waist size……I am clearly undertall, NOT over weight ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    Any way, glad I found your blog, and glad that you have chocolate and caffeine, and that I get to see you on SUNDAY!!! WOO
    Miss you

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