you remember that Lays potato chip slogan, “you can’t eat just one”?  well i beg to differ.  i’m sorry mr. lays, but i can eat just one of your silly potato chips.

but you know what i truly can NOT eat just one of?  thin mint girl scout cookies.  nope, can’t do it.  i’m helpless against them.  utterly helpless. 


13 thoughts on “

  1. I can’t say no to those carmel and coconut ring cookies with the chocolate stripes drizzled on top.  even more than that, I can’t say no to the girl scouts.

  2. ohhhh girl scouts… all those long, spring evenings spent walking up tens of… tens of front walks, toting my trusty order form, knocking on doors, and smiling sweetly while trying to unload as many boxes of cookies as i possibly could on unsuspecting neighbors – all to get that “I SOLD 100+ BOXES!!” badge for my sash. and i did too.this is sad: when the Ricuccis and i were talking about me being a girl scout back in the day, they ALL said “why does that NOT surprise me? i can just see you in the dorky uniform…” ha.

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