crazy fridays…  fridays are the craziest day of my week.  but there was MUCH grace today.  i was amazingly productive!  praise the Lord!

i went into the bookstore to receive this week’s order in and because they had laid new carpet downstairs the computer was somewhat disassembled.  so i got the joy of piecing and plugging together the computer, monitor, printer, scanner…  it’s okay.  you can relax.  i emerged victorious!

(picture shameless borrowed from david somerville’s blog…

isn’t it funny to watch someone you know… when they don’t realize that you’re watching them? 

wouldn’t it be really weird if you had the wear the clothing style from whatever year you were born? 

okay, enough of the randomness…

i’m off to spend the weekend with my favorite girlies – the mackays! 

have a great weekend y’all! 



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