my weekend

so i spent the whole weekend hanging out with my favorite little girls – the mackays!  i’ve know their family for nearly 10 years now and they have 4 girls: 14 yrs, 12yrs, 10 yrs, and 7yrs.  we did all sorts of fun things…  here’s the short list of what i loved most about the weekend…

– staying up until almost 2am watching a cute disney chanel movie and actually getting really into it
– sleeping in the family room all together
– target runs getting all sorts of fun food
– oreos and milk
– sleeping in until 10am and then taking an hour to make a huge breakfast
– getting all snuggly and warm under a down comforter on the couch while the cold rainy air wafts in from the window behind you
– going to the mall and getting a really adorable green headband
– finding the soundtrack to aforementioned disney chanel movie at barnes and noble; buying it and bopping to the music all the way home
– getting starbucks and then driving in the rain
– running in the pouring rain to the car that, of course, was parked uber far away in the parking lot!
– dancing in the living room for two hours – and making up half of what we couldn’t remember
– doing “princess leia buns” in a 7 year old’s hair, per her request
– popcorn and milkshakes for dinner
– why is that everyone else’s vacuum seems so much harder to operate than mine?!
– freaking out and then cracking up laughing at finding a plastic cockroach deliberately and quite brilliantly placed in my baked ziti
– homemade popsicles
– yorkshire mint patties
– more oreos and milk
– falling asleep to nora jones’ “come away with me” album
– being asked, “can i come up and snuggle with you?”
– just chillin’ in the teenage room, reading the comic strip version of “wuthering hieghts”
– by the end of the weekend, having created an entire dance routine that we all do together
– making unforgettable memories


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