#4 tonite.  i think i like it better every time i see it.  ::happysigh::

and to think it comes out on dvd in only 8 days! 


2 thoughts on “

  1. woah woah woah.
    do you mean to say that it comes out in 8 days? thats like, one week and one day. can we say excited?heck yes.
    no no! now it’s only one week. because today is tuesday….oh my, my process of days elimination begins.today is tuesday, so we can’t count today, it’s almost wednesday so we don’t count that they either…. we don’t count the day it comes out because thats just silly, and we also don’t count the day before, well because thats the eve. and thats pretty much the lead up day for the day it hits the floor, and we don’t count that day. so really the waiting days are only, thursday, friday, and saturday. do you understand this process? thats ok, not many people do. but this way it makes it seem like really, it’s only 3 days, and that is a really short time. but then again, one week and one day is a really short time too

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