okay, so i’m not actually watching the special edition dvd of narnia, but i most definitely bought it today.  woo-HOO!!  i plan to watch as much of the bonus footage as i can tomorrow night… 

so you know that part of the movie when the kids are playing hide and seek and the music in the background is this great, upbeat swing song that goes “oooh johnny!  oooh johnny!  how you can [something i don’t remember]!”  or something like that?  yeah, so that song isn’t on the narnia soundtrack and i was very perturbed by that.  i mean, i can see how it doesn’t exactly go with the rest of the orchestral songs on the cd, but it was an obvious song in the movie and it was so fun!  plus, it’s right before and leading up to when lucy first discovers the wardrobe, so it’s also relatively important, right?  like i said, i was perturbed. 

well.  this evening i was perusing the itunes music store for some big band music.  i did a search for glenn miller and what should appear in the list of songs found?  “oh johnny”!  th exact same version used in the movie!  i was tickled pink!  so i immediately downloaded it, renamed the artist “chronicles of narnia,” transferred it onto my ipod and now my soundtrack truly is complete. 

thank you itunes.

take that, disney and walden media.

that is all.


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  1. Nice work, but if you really wanted to stick it to the man you shoulda found a free download. ARRR!!! Piracy!!*Mike in no way endorses piracy of copyrighted material. Furthermore, he thinks Limewire is the tool of the devil, and won’t even make a mix tape off the radio. He is, however, a big fan of disclaimers.*…..pay for stuff.

  2. You are hilarious.  Maybe next time I’m in Phoenix (?? Whenever that will be) we can watch the movie together.  Or the next time that you decide to grace us with your presence…(when will that be?) Maybe we have to get another wedding together so that you have an excuse to come…=^D  See you at New Attitude!

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