okay, whoever decided that the little denim vest should come back in… is demented.  seriously, people!  mini denim vests should never be part of the fashion world again!  they had their run and now it’s over.  accept it.  move on.  don’t look back.  we’re moving in the WRONG direction!  we had fallen back to a lot of 60s and 70s styles, which was ok.  i can work with some of that.  but why aren’t the fashion people continuing in that direction?  for some reason they’ve decided to continue on and repeat the 80s again.  ::shudder::  no bueno.  we need to keep going back and hit the 50s and 40s!!  please!!! 

i’m not sure if i should be depressed that it was nearly impossible to find a place to park at the hospital…

i don’t mind if people honk at me b/c i don’t see them.  or to alert me to the fact that the arrow is green and i need to go.  that’s fine and reasonable.  but to stare at me open mouthed with eyes screaming, “what in the world are you thinking?!” drives me nuts.  for the love, i didn’t see you!  like you’ve never done that before…  excuse me, i didn’t realize that i almost hit the world’s perfect driver.  i crave pardon, your majesty… 

i can’t remember the last time i slept in until 8:44…

i think i shall go tidy my room and bake cookies now… 


10 thoughts on “miscellanies

  1. You are never allowed to take a Monday off again, it has been WAY too lonely here, the only people in the office now is Anna and myself and as you know we are both on the opposite sides of the building. All of that to say that I missed you today, actually I am still missing you seeing as it is only 2:30 PM…arg, okay well enjoy your well deserved day off chica and I will see you mañana (hey I did the “ñ” without a problem, now how come I couldn’t do it last week, grr) :0)

  2. I’ll sing with you, Sussical… and I agree, Andrea, you can’t take Mondays off anymore.  Take your day off when the pastors are in and there are more than two very lonely people in the building…
    Will you bring cookies in to work tomorrow?

  3. well, as the fashion world goes theres just about every style available now – and i think the 80’s thing is tempting because it’s Pink and Pouffy and thats fun. who doesn’t like dressing up 80’s? its silly and horribly gaudy… but i agree with the denim vest thing… but you can buy vintage vogue patterns, i have some, just not the time to make the dresses!

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