ok Sara – you win!  i changed my site.  no more winter.  “And you no what that means – no more ice!”  sorry, i guess i’m still not over the Narnia kick even if i  have changed my background… 

and since i know you were all dying of curiosity – yes, gerber daisies are my favorite flower. 

in other news, i used hairspray on my hair for the first time in…well, i can’t remember the last time!  and i had to borrow my mom’s.  i used to be able to borrow ryan’s (yes, believe it or not, my younger brother actually has more hair products than i do!), but now that he moved out, i have to borrow mom’s… 

i had a most delightful weekend.  saturday was my favorite.  i had coffee with janelle for over 2 hours, enjoying wonderful fellowship.  and then i spent another couple hours in the Word and journaling and praying.  the Holy Spirit had brought some sharp conviction to my heart last week and i knew that i needed time to really evaluate my heart, pray and meditate and work through it with the Lord.  i sat at a nearby park on a blanket half in the sun, half in the shade.  it was a really sweet time.  i wish i could do that for my devotions every day! 


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